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User Manual for LED Version

To wake the lightsaber:

Hold down power button for 1 seconds. A sound will play and the light ring around the power button will illuminate. The saber is now in awake mode.

Awake mode operation:

Pressing the power button will turn the blade on and activate sounds and effects.

When the blade is lit, the power button operates thusly:

Tap – blaster deflection
-Hold 0.5 second,button LED flash 1 time, then release – saber lock-up
-Hold 1 seconds,button LED flash 2 times,then release to cycle blade colors.
Once a desired color is reached, tap it to set the color.
-Hold 1.5 seconds,button LED flash 3 times,then release-saber force
-Hold 2.0 seconds powers off the blade.Button LED flash 4 times
-Holding the power button down for 0.5 seconds,button LED flash 1 time, while the blade is off,but still in wake mode,let go of the button will select sound volume.
-Holding the power button down for 1 seconds,button LED flash 2 time, while the blade is off,but still in wake mode,will select a new light effects(stable,unstable,and pulse available).
-Holding the power button down for 1.5 seconds,button LED flash 3 time,while the blade is off,but still in wake mode,will select a music or turn off the music.(5sets available).
-Holding the power button down for 2 seconds,button LED flash 4 time,while the blade is off,but still in wake mode,will select a new sound fonts.(9sets available).
-Holding 10 seconds to make the saber sleep. If the saber sits idle for 10 seconds it will also enter deep sleep again.

Sleep mode operation:

When the saber is in deep sleep there will be no lights or sounds to keep power for long time.


– Strong enough for medium to heavy dueling. Has flash-on-clash effect for realistic saber duels
– Ultraloud sound volume and bright LED lights
– Removable blade: use the provided tool to loosen the screws in the hilt
– This saber has infinitely variable colors to choose from
– Removable battery (if you remove the sabers main body)- Sensitive swing and clash sounds like a “real”lightsaber
– Can connect two sabers directly into one double bladed saber (coupler needed for some designs)
– The saber have battery reverse connection, charging and discharging protection
– Playing and charging time take around 4 hours.Please use 5V wall charger or devices with USB port to charge
– Removable electronics kit,once screws got loose please use tool to tight them

Trouble Shooting

Issue 1 – Saber has no sound
Saber may be in mute mode. Turn off the saber, then hold the button for 0.5 seconds to change sound
Issue 2 – Saber loses either red, blue or green color does not light up at all, or has no swing or clash sounds
Charge the battery for one hour, as this is likely a low battery issue. Removing and reinstalling the battery may fix it if the issue is not related to charge.
Issue 3 – When charging, saber cues ‘charging’ then immediately indicated ‘ready’
The battery is not making contact properly with the plates inside. Open the saber and carefully adjust the
connectors so that the positive and negative both touch easily.
Issue 4 – If any other problem occurs that the above methods won’t fix

Please contact our customer service team.


  • Brand Name: Custom Saber
  • Material: Metal
  • Recommend Age: 12+y
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Certification: CE

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