1. Tell us your favorite cosplay stuff and leave us your paypal&shipping name/shipping address/postal code/tel number through our our facebook profile page or email addrss: (change#to@)

2. We will send you product listing links on our amazon store(US,UK,IT,DE,JP,FR etc) to you to order

3. You send us the order id screenshot, we refund you throug paypal.

4. After you receive the products, just leave us positive reviews. You keep the products FREE.

5. After you order the products we give to u and send us the order id screenshot, we will arrange to ship you the extra cosplay stuff u desired right away and give u the tracking number several days later.


A review worth 5$, If your desired cosplay stuff average price on amazon (such as cosplay wig, cosplay accessoreis etc)is 21$, then u should help us order 4 products we offered to u and leave 4 positive reviews.

If you wanna a customed costume worth 210$, then u should help us order and leave 40 reviews. You can ask your friends or families to help. It’s simple to finish 40 reviews, because you, your friends and families can get the products for free. Sometimes the products we give u sell over 100$, normally 10-100$. And it’s free to get.

Meanwhile, u can get extra cosplay stuff, u won’t pay any money on cosplay costumes, cosplay props, cosplay wigs etc. Because u can use your reviews to exchange them all.

You can do this over and over again.

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