First of all, I am very sorry if you ever feel betrayed in believing that I did cut my hair short. If we are connected in Facebook, then you might have seen this post where you can see a couple of photos with me sporting a short hair.
Sorry though because I didn’t. hehehe A lot of people I knew actually did believe that I cut my hair short. lelz It wasn’t true, but I did feel excited about how I look and because I’ve always had a long hair for most of my life. The last time that I had a short hair was many years ago when I was 8 (now I’m 22) so just imagine. lelz
I am often curious on how I look if I were to sport a shorter hair, but I never had the courage to cut my hair short. And partly because I am confident and comfortable with my long hair. Things just got a little bit exciting when I got a short bob wig from Cosplayguru. It’s an online shop that sells a number of cute wigs among all other cute items.
Now as a review and to give you an idea about their wigs, here are three of the best reasons that I have jotted down on why you should avail your wigs from Cosplayguru. Hopefully, this shall be of great use for you if you ever have to purchase a wig soon.
1. They are affordableThe short bob wig that I got from them is available for only 14USD. Not a bad price for a wig right? I think the price is reasonable enough especially if you don’t really have to wear your fake hair daily. Also, you can always wear your wig anytime you want. You just have to take care of it.2. They are smooth and shinyI can’t stress this enough. I wasn’t really expecting much from the wig when I received my parcel, but man, this wig got me! I haven’t tried wearing any wig before but I have seen some people wearing wig. I noticed that some wigs, especially those that comes in an affordable price feels rough and tangled. 
I was ecstatic when I opened my parcel and got my hands on the wig. How my fingers glide on the strands! I think you can notice how shiny it is just by looking at the photos, right?Though it doesn’t look so realistic because of its glossy appearance, I still love it.3. They come in different styles and colorWhen Cosplayguru asked me what color would I like my wig to be, I told him that I wanted it black. Which, of course, I got something black. However, if you are planning to join a cosplay event or some kind of a costume party where you need a wig to complete your outfit, don’t worry because the site offers a number of different hair styles and colors. They even had one which was curled and in lilac! and it was so pretty! I think it is perfect if you want to look like an enchantress. There are more variants on their site, so just check them out and get what you want.

Too much drama!? haha Dramatic filter to solve uneven skin tone lelz

In totality, I love wig from Cosplayguru. I also love that the shipment of the product as  quick and hassle free. They guy from the site was also very understanding and he was even asking me how was the wig, and some stuffs about how it arrived.
The wig made me feel like I’m Kylie Jenner hahahahaha You now how much she loves wearing all those candy-coloured wigs right? lelz I think I’d love wearing wigs as well, but here just one thing that I do not love about wearing one: it feels hot AF wearing it on my head! Seriously guys, I even took the photos above as quick as I could because it really feels hot. Well, its just for me though because I sweat easily so just a warning if we are on the same boat. but if you ain’t, I think you’re gonna do good.

Thanks a lot for reading and let me know about your “wig wearing” experiences below on the comment section below. I would love to hear something hilarious from you guys. hehehe

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