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Cosplayguru female cosplayer cosplay contest

Cosplayguru female cosplayer cosplay contest

by admin

Hello cosplayers:

We are holding a female cosplayer cosplay contest on our facebook page.

Tell us your favorite item from cosplayguru.com with hashtag #cosplayguru And win prize worth $1500

Post a photo on Instagram or Twitter using #cosplayguru to explain which cosplay stuff link is your favorite from cosplayguru.com and then submit an entry with the form below. All entries will be featured in the Facebook gallery. We’ll then choose our favourite photo from all of the entries.

Competition closes 7th October 2017.

(1st – 500$[1] 2nd-250$[2] 3nd-100$[5persons])


First Prize: $500 costumes&props&wigs from cosplayguru.

Second Prize: $250 costumes&props&wigs from cosplayguru.

Third Prize: $100 costumes&props&wigs from cosplayguru.

Submitting an entry:

Pls don’t forget to add hashtag #cosplayguru to join and have to explain which cosplay stuff link is your favorite from cosplayguru.com, it won’t count without this.

Entering Period: Submissions will be accepted from July 5th to October 5th .


To vote, search the hashtag #cosplayguru, and like/comment/share the entries that you wish to vote for.


Winner Announcement: 

Winners will be announced on our blog on 8th July 2017,

and the prizes will be rewarded right after

Contest rules are subject to change without notice.


Below are some of the contestants:












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